Live-In Residential House Manager

We're searching for a Live-In Residential House Manager

Live-In Residential House Manager

Are you Called…. To share the love of Christ? Casa de Mariposa is seeking a full time Live-in residential House Manager.

Casa de Mariposa is currently seeking an energetic, highly motivated, responsible, mature and loving Christian woman or couple to serve as a live-in House Manager for our home in Albuquerque, NM. This position will provide a nurturing and structured living environment for pregnant and parenting women whom have chosen life for their babies. You must have a heart for serving women of all ages (minors and adults) that have been abused, abandoned or neglected and/or come from dire circumstances.

Our goal is to provide a safe and stable environment to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually during their residential time in our home as they prepare for motherhood or lovingly release their child for adoption. Our House Manager will work closely with our Case Manager and Counselors to propel women on their personal road towards independence and success. A heart of gold and nerves of steel are required as we live out our faith and love in Christ Jesus through our words, deeds and actions.

This position entails developing resident character through mentoring, role-modeling, advising, etc. The House Manager daily serves, supports, loves, and supervises young women as they model what a healthy, spiritual, and moral home looks like. The House Manager will set and maintain healthy boundaries and loving relationships with these women as they establish a family environment having a vision for life-change and positive transformation for each resident.

Requirements for Live-In Residential Manager

  • Be a believer and have a heart for serving these residents with encouragement and the love of Christ.
  • Be able to handle stress well and exercise self-control.
  • Support the residents in their goals. The case manager will advise you of what these are.
  • Must be at least 25 years of age.
  • A Bachelors degree with a focus on social work, nursing or counseling or teaching would be helpful but not mandatory.
  • Experience in working with pregnant women and/or people in dire circumstances would be helpful.
  • Be willing to go through a training course on trauma.
  • Have a valid drivers license with an acceptable driving record. No DUI’s. Our insurance company has to run a check.
  • Be able to encourage and be comfortable helping moms/babies with any needs that may arise day or night.
  • Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to the residents according to specific needs.
  • Regular attendance at a local church.
  • Knowledge of basic cooking techniques, cooking skills, and an ability to create menus and follow recipes.

House Duties of Manager

  • Transportation assistance for residents. We have a van that you will use.
  • Help with scheduling and oversight of appointments and attendance at school, work and church.
  • Organization skills.
  • Ensuring household care and maintenance.
  • Oversight of the house calendar.
  • Maintain sign in and sign out sheets for residents and visitors.
  • Prepare for incoming residents, check their belongings upon arrival, and run all clothing, shoes and purses through the dryer. Give them a tour of the house and remind them of the house policies and procedures. Assign them a washing day for clothes and sheets and give them a chore assignment.
  • Organize a schedule for cooking the dinner meal and food shopping with them procuring all items necessary for daily living. Food will be purchased with the residents SNAP benefits with Casa de Mariposa providing an allowance also.
  • Supervising residents’ daily chores and kitchen duties to teach responsibility and maintain the home atmosphere.
  • Work as a team with volunteers or other staff that come into the home such as relief staff (for you) and counselors, case managers or care coordinators that make home visits.
  • Receive all visitors in a gracious and hospitable way.
  • Record daily activities and updates of residents on a Daily Activity Sheet which can include both progress and problems. This also includes giving a report to relief staff or volunteers on change of shifts.
  • Reinforce and encourage residents to maintain a cooperative attitude toward the program and to one another keeping focused on their goals they have set in place.
  • Promote the well-being and growth of residents by modeling and encouraging healthy communication, sound decision-making and upholding house/program policies.
  • Maintain professionalism with residents, community members, staff and the general public.
  • Report to the Program Director with any written warnings or any resident not complying with policies and procedures or failing to attend scheduled appointments, or to complete household responsibilities.
  • Be able to provide crisis intervention, conflict resolution and related support services to residents.
  • Hold residents accountable for their actions and determine and implement consequences as appropriate, recommending other measures to guide positive behavior such as motivational interviewing and lovingly reprimanding inappropriate conduct.

Additional Information:

Room and Board is included in this package. If there are no residents in the home the House Manager will remain in the home maintaining as you would your own home. You will provide you own meals during this time. You would need to be ready, sometimes with little notice, to have a resident arrive.

There will be an hourly salary when volunteers or other staff are not present which would be dependent on experience and/or education. This is so you have respite time during the week and will also include a week-end per month that you will be off. We have several nice homes provided by our community that you can respite in if you have no place to go.


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