Executive Director

We're searching for an Executive Director

The Executive Director shall be called of God; committed to serve; willing to be available to staff, Board, residents, and supporters; and able to lead others to accomplish the mission of Casa de Mariposa by the direction of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Be a committed Christian.
  2. Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to staff and young women by word and deed.
  3. Must have a pro-life stance and be neutral on adoption vs. parenting.
  4. Be a person of demonstrated integrity, maturity, and sound judgment, capable of establishing and maintaining a sound administrative structure.
  5. Must have strong leadership and social skills and five years of successful experience in closely allied fields such as nursing, education, and/or leadership roles in non-profit organizations or ministries.
  6. Shall not be the perpetrator in a substantiated report of neglect, abuse, nor have a criminal record.
  7. Be able to maintain confidentiality in all ministry issues.
  8. Must be skilled in public speaking.

Job Description:


  1. Be responsible for seeing that the philosophy, purpose, objectives, and established policies and procedures are carried out.
  2. Be responsible for supervision and evaluation of all staff and maintain personnel records according to regulations.
  3. Must employ and discharge members of the staff according to established personnel policies.
  4. Hold staff meetings at regular intervals to discuss plans and to interpret policies to the staff.
  5. Be responsible for all managerial and administrative duties.
  6. Be responsible for continued evaluation and development of programs.
  7. Must communicate with the Board on upkeep and maintenance of home(s).
  8. Coordinate with the Board the preparation and administration of the budget related to staffing.
  9. Oversee the volunteer program and work with the volunteer coordinator as needed.
  10. Must oversee and work with the Board on fundraising (other than grants), including individual and corporate donations and event planning/execution.   
  11. Oversee and participate in community public relations, developing relationships, networking and meeting with community organizations, foundations and churches along with outreach staff.
  12. Be responsible and oversee implementation of all program objectives.
  13. Assist with intake if needed and review with staff all intake decisions before a final answer is given to a young woman.

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