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We are a non-profit organization in the State of New Mexico funded by the generosity of caring members in the community.

We appreciate any and all contributions that support our cause, whether that is financial support, time spent volunteering, or other forms of donation that benefit our program.

Ways to Give: Join our community of supporters to provide monthly support to our pregnant and new mothers.

  • New and gently used clothing
  • Maternity clothing,
  • Baby clothing up to 24 months, all in good condition
  • Women’s shoes
  • Diapers and infant supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Feminine products. 
  • Donate through the mail
  • Supporters can donate one time or monthly, through our donate tab.
  • Workplace matching contributions
  • Used reliable vehicles
  • Amazon Smile
  • Gift cards to Target, Walmart, grocery stores, gas cards, etc.

* Due to insurance restrictions we cannot accept cribs or car seats. * 

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